Veterans Health Week

We hope this jersey brightens your day, as it sure has ours!

We at Meraki are a startup brand, born on the roads of Melbourne Victoria, more specifically the Kew Blvd.

With a vision to innovate on cycling apparel we have become experts in womens fit and comfort. And with goals to generate a more inclusive cycling community, we don't want to leave anyone out, *ahem* dudes. So, when the opportunity to collaborate with an organization who is leading positive change, like Mates4Mates, even mountains couldn't get in our way.

Earlier in the year, Meraki was honored to have an opportunity to partner with ADA and Mates4Mates to create this limited edition jersey. Mates4Mates is a nonprofit organization who are on a mission to provide enduring physical and psychological support to the military family. They support the wounded, injured or ill current and ex-serving Defence Force personnel and their families. We’re now very excited to be seeing these out in the wild! How many can you spot this Veterans’ Health Week?