Team Why Collab

Team Why is a CX team from Victoria, Australia who have been getting RAD since 2017. Meraki is stoked to be in partnership with them for the 2019 season! And we want to invite you to the party #crossiscoming.

We're planning ahead so we'll have kit ready for #raceday. Anyone who wants to jump in on the pre-order will have the opportunity to pick their own chamois! You can check out the options for info and after placing your order we'll be in contact to confirm the order or help you make an informed decision. (If you're not fussed, you can opt for "Meraki's choice"- chamois #1.)

In addition, every* kit comes with complementary heckles! (*Offer only applies to VIC CX and CX Nats.)

Orders will be placed near the end of March, with a delivery estimated to be the start of June.