Fit Guide & Care

We know that ordering the right size in athletic apparel can be tricky so to help you out, we'll be posting a detailed size chart which summarizes our measurements when our kit is finalized. 

Meraki’s Fit  

Meraki’s kit is a race cut, meaning it is a firm fit. The silhouette is designed to hug your body and stay in place- no riding up, no sneaking down. The materials chosen have high elasticity which contribute to this supported fit and ensure shape retention. The proper fit will feel firm and comfortable; no digging in (no sausage legs) and no restriction. The straps over the shoulders are made from mesh for breathability and prevent tension in your shoulders accommodating various torso lengths. The leg bands are grippy to allow you to place them right where you want them and have them stay put. When it comes to chamois, we have the best and you want your bibs to fit firm so the chamois moves with you as you shift in the saddle- eliminating friction. The bottom of a jersey opens up to follow the curve of a female body, but don’t get us wrong it is still a slim fit. And the elastic bands around your waist will make sure your kit doesn’t ride up during your ride (CX gals, we’ve gotcha covered).

Our goal is that you go your whole ride without thinking about your kit (until someone comments on it of course)!

And on that note, if you have any product feedback we love to hear it- all of it!




We get it, you ride hard but washing your kit shouldn’t be. So let’s keep it simple:

  • We know that heat breaks down fabrics so washing in cold and hanging to dry will prolong the life of any garment- cycling kit is no exception. (Also, the environment will thank you.) With our lightweight, wicking fabrics they’re going to dry quickly anyway. And from a hygienic perspective, we've got you covered- our chamois have bacteriostatic properties.
  • Do not use fabric softener. Our fabrics are designed to wick sweat from the body to keep you dry and cool. Fabric softener is basically a chemical compound that coats the fibers which then inhibits the fabrics ability to wick sweat. Watch out for laundry soap that contains it.

Handle the fabric with care – avoid sharp objects, abrasive surfaces and over-filling the jersey pockets. Ensure you are in the correct size; sizing down to get a firmer feel can lead to the breakdown of the elastane and result in a less compressive garment, whereas the right fit will retain its elasticity over time